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Holds a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering (MTM), has a Certificate of  Engineer Room Watchkeeping for Seafarers (2012) from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan, Training Certificate for Instructors from the Ministry of Transportation (2014), Workplace Assessment Competency Certificate (2015) from the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) , Competency Assessment Training Certificate (2015), Competency Mapping Certificate (2017) from BAPPENAS, Level III Management Expert Certificate (2017) from the Direktorat Jenderal Perhubungan Laut


Has an Intensive Marconist Course (IMC) Certificate (1988), Tuna Long-line Fishery Training Course Certificate (1st OFCF Instructor Course) (2001) from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Japan, Training Course Certificate for Observer on Board (2013 ) from the Maritime and Fisheries Human Resources Development Agency, OFCF Observers for Debriefing Course (2014) Certificate from OFCF Japan and Assessors Education and Training Certificate Competency Class III (2015) from Balai Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Aparatur

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